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The Software Defined Systems (SDS) Committee is a Technical Committee of the Wireless Innovation Forum created to oversee the evolution and adoption, at the international level, of SDS standards for the development of essential and mission critical wireless systems. This suite of standards is developed to facilitate portability, interoperability and configurability of the software and hardware components used in the manufacturing of such systems. It is foreseen that an eco-system of off-the-shelf software and hardware components will be developed from which manufacturers could choose to build their equipment. Time-to-market may be reduced as well as development cost.

The various class of standards that are being considered at this time for development by this Committee include software architectures, application programming interfaces, test and certification.

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Thu, Nov 9 2017
info | WINNF-TS-0008-V2.0.0-A1.0.0 Transceiver Facility Use Case Addendum 1.pdf (2MB)
(SDS) Software Defined Systems Committee
info | WINNF-TS-0008-V2.0.0 Transceiver Facility PIM Specification.pdf #2 (2MB)
(SDS) Software Defined Systems Committee

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