Group Description

For Who is the customer/market?
Regulators, Spectrum Users/Licensees, Network Operators, OEMs, Carriers, Chip Manufacturers, SAS Administrators…

Who What is their problem?
Lack of motivation and incentives to change and consider dynamic spectrum sharing as an option.
Lack of knowledge on how dynamic spectrum sharing could operationally work and benefit all stakeholders.
Auctioning…sharing without relo. or transitional…spectrum scarcity – getting rid of it….creating opportunities …accessing spectrum quicky without relo…

The What is the output from this project?
A report detailing work and findings of subcommittee.

That What does it do to address the problem?
Provide better understanding on the bands that might be applicable for sharing and present various sharing approaches (licensed, lightly licensed, unlicensed registered) for these bands. Discuss some of the business models for existing shared bands and possible ones in the future. Discuss key performance indicators to evaluate the sharing arrangements in a band. Provide recommendations on follow-up actions.

Unlike What other similar products (reports, standards, etc.) are out there?
WInnForum Spectrum Sharing Committee publications
5G Americas 2014 Spectrum Sharing White Paper

This product How is the output of this project different?
The report will focus specifically on applications of the SAS concept to other bands. The report will present the challenges and benefits of sharing in several bands while taking into consideration a number of factors:
• Types of incumbents in the band
• How the bands are used
• Nature of usage – a few wide swaths of spectrum unused, a number of narrow swaths of spectrum unused, etc.

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